Free Homeschooling in South Carolina?

There is a new option for homeschooling in South Carolina. And it is free.

If you do a web search for “homeschooling in South Carolina” recently, you probably found information about how to school your child through the district, a private homeschool group or the South Carolina Homeschool association. But, there is now another option for 6th through 12th grade students in South Carolina.

Tuition-Free Homeschooling in South Carolina

Tuition-free virtual school through the South Carolina Preparatory Academy. So, why consider SC Prep in place of other homeschool options? Here are five reasons why this virtual program is a great option for parents and students exploring home school options:

Rigorous Curriculum
SC Prep uses a classical curriculum style. This is a different way of learning than most traditional school curriculum. It encourages students to learn how to think critically and analyze topics. Classical-style curriculum is ideal for students who want to be challenged and inspired to learn.

This program encourages students to engage in school work during normal school hours while teachers are available. But, for students who work, intern, travel, or have special health needs, the hours are flexible. While deadlines are a part of the weekly routine and group classes are offered, students who stay on track have the ability to make their own schedule.

This program keeps students on track throughout the school year through weekly assignments and meetings with teachers. This accountability ensures your student meets requirements for a South Carolina High School diploma. This program also gives parents the opportunity to be involved in their students' education, if they want to be.

No Tuition
SC Prep is a public charter school, so the funding is the same as the public schools in your district. So, unlike many private homeschool programs, there is no tuition cost for SC Prep.

Dual Enrollment
If your student is interested in enrolling in college coursework and getting college credit while in high school, they can do that through SC Prep! They can walk you through the process of how to sign up and be successful.

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If this program seems ideal for your South Carolina 6th to 12th grader, get started here!

Testing Dates: Fall 2022

Fall MAP (grades 6-10)
Aug. 30, Sept. 1, 6, 8
Fall EOC
Dec. 8-9; makeups Dec. 15-16

Testing Dates: Spring 2023

Feb. 1-3
SC Alt
March 7-31
March 27-31
READY/PASS (grades 6-8)
May 15-17; makeups May 25-26
Spring EOC
May 18-19; makeups May 25-26
Spring MAP (grades 6-10)

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