The Benefits of Virtual School
Why Virtual Education Works for Some Students - an Expert Opinion
What is Classical Education?
Virtual School: A Family Lifestyle
A Virtual High School Student's Perspective
The Benefits of Dual Enrollment
A Parent's Perspective on Virtual Education
The Virtual School Experience
A Middle School Student's Perspective on Virtual School
Virtual School - A Parent's Perspective
Why SC Prep?
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April 19-21st
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May 9-13
Virtual SC Exams
May 9-13
End of Course (EOC) assessments for Algebra 1, English II, Biology, and US History
May 16-20th

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The South Carolina Preparatory Academy is founded by a group of individuals who have a vision of educating students across South Carolina so that they are prepared for future leadership roles in our state.

SC Prep is a Reason & Rebublic School

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